Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark McGuire's Special Treatments

I just got through watching, yesterday, Mark McGuire (MM) being interviewed by Bob Costas (BC). I was pretty astounded by some of the things MM said. I will try to keep this blog as organized as possible... however, there was some very illogical things stated by MM.

Disclaimer: I do not speak for Major League Baseball, MM or anyone else other than myself. These are my opinions, however, I will try to keep my opinions based on logic, which was based on what I heard MM and BC talk about during the interview. I do not remember every single detail of the interview, since I didn't record it, nor did I memorize it. The following, although it might not say it, is a summary of things I thought were stated by MM or BC. Feel free to correct me, with sources in the comment block provided by Google in this blog.

Lets sort through the things MM said.

1. He said he took steroids in the early 90's for medical reasons. I am willing, for the benefit of doubt, allow the premise steroids will make you healthier in the short term, JUST for the sake of this blog. (I am not a doctor, or a lawyer, but I really have some doubts about this 'health' benefit). MM stated that he was a 'walking M.A.S.H unit.' That may be true as well. I am willing to take his statement at face value on his health in the early 90's.

2. MM stated he did not feel as though taking steroids benefited him in any way other than making him 'healthy'. Hmm. MM was emphatic about this point.

3. MM stated that even though BC thought the Statute of Limitations were over (five years according to BC) he was returning to baseball, not because the SOL were up for him to be prosecuted, but because he was invited by the St. Louis Cardinals to be a hitting coach. Hmm.

Before I start my process, let me first state I have always liked the St. Louis Cardinals. Not my favorite team mind you, I am a Yankees fan... but the Cardinals have always been, IMO, a class organization, with classy coaches and classy players. Period. Even though I am a Yankees fan, I can tell you I have never met a Yankees fan who ever said 'You know, I just hate the Cardinals' ... Boston Red Sox on the other hand... I say this because I am talking about MM and what he did, and it should not reflect at all on any assumed hatred on my part of the Cardinals, because there aren't any.

To MM first point regarding taking steroids for medical reasons. Like I said earlier, lets assume that is true. MM gets an unfair advantage. He healed quicker than a player who went to a normal doctor and was treated. If MM had went to a doctor and the doctor prescribed a drug that any other player could have received from a doctor, MM would be on his way to the HOF. He didn't. Watching MM insist that the steroids helped him get back on the field while at the same time telling BC the same steroids didn't give him any benefit is astounding.

Addressing MM second point: Take baseball player number 1. He gets hurt. Goes to a doctor (as opposed to a dealer) and gets normal treatment, and he is back on the field in 2 months. MM goes to a dealer, gets some steroid and is back on the field in 1 month. MM received one month of performance enhancement. He is swinging at baseballs, and baseball player number one is on the bench. THERE is no confusing logic here. MM is just lying. You can see at least two lies in his statements there. 1. I don't remember any of the names of the steroids. 2. I didn't receive any benefit. Total bunk.

And since MM could not remember any of the names of the drugs he took for ten years - and who the FKDKS believes that- we have to assume he took them all. It was up to MM to inform us, and he did not. Funny on how MM can remember why he did something but not what it was he did.

Addressing MM third point. BC asked him if the reason he was coming back to baseball, was because the Statute of Limitations had ran out. He denied that. I really find that hard to believe. Especially when he stated the reason he did not testify against himself in the first place was because he was protecting his family. So, if he COULD be prosecuted now for stating this material, why not state it five years ago? I sense a total lack of honesty here. Everything he says makes no sense. It does not follow through. In the interview he stated that 'I was the one that was going to take the hits' ... and he was going to protect his family. And, as soon as the SOL ran out, he admits he is wrong but the timing was just a coincidence. Right. MM stated through out the interview that he consulted with his lawyers during the Congressional testimony... so he would not make any mistakes that might get him in trouble. But, he isn't doing that now? Right.

It is true that if everyone used a corked bat, it would be a level playing field, but baseball has decided that is not how the game is to be played. Someone could be doing something right now that is not illegal in baseball, but could be ruled later on as unfair and they could have whatever records / stats erased. That really depends on the commissioner. Steroids were unfair.

And whether MM realizes it or not, he said as much when he talked to BC last night.


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