Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Big Bang Theory

David Letterman made a joke recently which may have, or may not have, involved the 14 year old daughter of Sarah Palin (SP). SP got her panties in a bind. Apparently, she is very sensitive regarding sexual connotations directed at her daughter (but not actual sex acts themselves).

It's only fitting that SP would not want any jokes about sex, and yet be very hands on about the discussion. At home, her one daughter already has a child before getting married. Just say, "YES" or "I mean, my mother looks like a slutty flight attendant."

The whole republican idea of abstinence from sex is very curious. Abstinence is the 'correct' manner of behaving sexually, if only they really believe that. If you get pregnant out of wedlock, isn't the pregnancy wrong? Nancy Reagan warned us to "Just say NO to drugs". Drugs are wrong. Shouldn't the same premise exist for the pregnancy outside of a religious framework?

Well, the difference is, once someone is pregnant, then life is sacred.

Therefore, life is sacred and holy, shouldn't the process of making it be encouraged!? ACHTUNG. EVERYONE FUCK, IT CAUSES SACRED LIFE. Wouldn't the act of causing sacred life be a sacrament? I mean, Christians wear crosses around their neck, but does that mean they're really advocating for people to be crucified? No. They are advocating a sacrament. Death is also a sacrament in Christianity. But abortion is wrong. Having sex outside of marriage is wrong, unless it causes a life, then that life is sacred. Killing is wrong, unless it happens to be the Messiah (or anyone with an opposing viewpoint), then it is okay.

I know to somebody, a long time ago.. a dark, long time ago, this made sense. To them. After 40 days of no food, during a fast, in the woods, in sackcloth and ashes.... perhaps with some rum and cokes.... a crack pipe....


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