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Us3d With0ut P3rmi$$i0n: HGH & St3r0ids

There is a bit of a witch hunt going on regarding steroids and Human Growth Hormones (HGH) in baseball. I guess I am a bit torn on the whole thing with regard to the information about who used, who didn't, and if we will ever find out. To be fair to those who have been 'found out' it would only really be fair to judge them against their peers. If it turns out through investigations that a majority, or even a large chunk, of MLB players were 'juicin' then all bets should be off. Players should be left off the hook as far as punishment is concerned. If the MLB governing bodies have an idea of how many players used, or have a good guess, and are not releasing that information, then, really, it's just not fair. Nor is it ethical.

Before I go any further, let's talk about 'THE LIST'. As I understand it, back in '03, MLB convinced the union to do a mass testing of all players. This would give MLB an idea of just how many players were 'juicin'. Apparently, the test was going to be confidential and the names would not be released. On this list, allegedly, there are over 100 names of people who "may or may not have tested positive for steroids". That statement itself sounds pretty fishy to me. Either they have or they haven't tested positive. This list is the list of names where A-Rod popped up and was somehow leaked to the media. But, only A-Rods name popped up.

Dirty pool.

One could really argue the point: "Where was MLB management/owners during this whole era?" Does Bud Selig really want us to believe that he, or the baseball owners, didn't know what was going on... for more than a decade? Right. They were just counting ticket receipts and had no idea 'roids were being passed around by players and trainers! They just "didn't know". OKAY. Let's pretend they didn't know. Does it allow the owners to be off the hook? Are they in charge or aren't they? Did baseball have any clue? How about every other sport that made Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) illegal and started testing way before MLB did? (e.g. Track and Field, the NFL)? Did MLB really think PED's were only a problem in every other sport?

At some point one has to ask about the complete inaction of MLB to enact any real testing. That was a complete gaffe on the part of MLB, and more particularly, Bud Selig. The rabid nature that Bud is seeking prosecution (persecution?) of players like Barry Bonds and A-Rod could almost appear as if he is trying to clear HIS name.

Consider the stink surrounding A-Rod. The way I understand steroids to work is they bulk a player up. True. But, the real benefit 'roids bring to players, is the decreased downtime when someone gets injured. They keep a player's body "tweeked" up. Sort of like being hyper-calibrated at all times. When it might take a player three weeks to come back from a muscle strain, it might only take two. Nice advantage. Especially if you're in your late 30's.

Now, if that is true, how exactly did A-Rod, at such a young age when he was reported to have taken the drugs, benefit from the 'roids? A-Rod was young and healthy. So really, the benefit from from steroids may not have been as beneficial to him as, say, an older player who had knee problems... such as Barry Bonds.

All this could be a moot point anyway. HGH, the big builder of bodies and muscles, isn't currently able to be traced in anyone's system by any drug test on the market.


Nobody can trace this HGH drug. This
is interesting. So, as far as we know, the NFL, Track and Field, or any other sport may indeed have players using HGH. As far as we know, Abraham Lincoln used HGH. Where was Clinton during this era? Well we shouldn't just blame Clinton. We don't know what his interns were using? Got Roids? But, anything is possible. Wait! Doesn't that sound like the point with regular steroids? We have no idea who was using them during the era. There are lots of accusations. Lots of needle pointing. Where is the evidence? A list perhaps? How about the over 100 names of people who failed the drug test? That's some evidence. Maybe. Who did the testing? Where have these samples been stored? What was the condition of the testing? This may seem like some trivial questions, but there seems to be a lot secrecy. It may be legitimate testing. I just haven't seen any other names from the list of 100 plus players other than A-Rod. Where are the others?

Consider the following example:

Once, I gave my cat Non Human Growth hormones. The damn thing grew two heads. It took weapons of mass destruction to bring the feline under control. The bad thing was, it WAS my cat. The cat was under my roof. I saw what was going on. I went through the cat's gym bag and saw the needles. I just figured the cat was diabetic. At least, that's what I wanted to assume. I'd turn a blind eye, or poke the eye until it is blind, then turn away. Do I have any responsibility to the cat, or for the cat's condition?

Barry Bonds (BB) is being punished for supposedly lying about taking performance enhancing drugs (PED). Yet, all the players who have taken them, and admitted to taking them, are getting a free pass? Does this make sense? I can totally understand why someone would take PEDs in the first place. Quite simply, not everyone knew WHO was taking the drugs.

If you're a hitter, and you think most of the pitchers are taking PEDs, wouldn't that tempt you to take them or vice versa? Would it be tempting? What about the baseball commissioner? Nobody passed any laws regarding this issue until '03. So, it must be at least semi-encouraged. Or ignored. Barry Bonds didn't invent steroids or HGH. Where are all the other players who were taking them?

Where did they all go? And why are BB and Roger Clemens (RC) the only ones getting hammered? Is it true that they have over 100 names of players that may have tested postitive for PED and only ONLY A-ROD's name came out? Why is it that only A-Rod's name came out? Over a hundred players is a significant number considering only one name came out of the list.

Hrm. It seems like someone is trying to make the crackdown look very real. Wouldn't it be good if Leroy Jones (a fictitious catcher from the Kansas City Royals) made the list having only played for 3 seasons and only batted a .230 season average? Who the FKK cares about Leroy Jones!? I am trying to make my steriods thing look important, dammit!

Hey, MLB. Get over yourself! Pete Rose said, "Everyone was taking 'greenies' back in the day." Greenies are basically a speed derivative. They gave players a bit more energy. They got players through those long double headers.

Baseball must clean the whole slate. The League cannot be taken seriously when it spot leaks names to the media. Let the public know who MLB has knowledge of taking PEDs. They have a long list and they have test results. Don't just release certain big name players. Fess up Selig! Face the music! Call it for what it is! Don't stain the name of the game in an effort to 'root' out the criminals when you may have been one yourself. If in fact, the players union and MLB could never ever come to terms on how to enact any PED rules. Then there were none. Perhaps baseball should just come out and admit errors on everyone's part and stop punishining the big name players to make the biggest splash. Unfair is unfair.

Who else was taking them?


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