Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Pope makes no F*&King Sense

The pope, just the other day, noted that the Aids epidemic in Africa (he is on tour, get your tickets now) is being exasperated because people 'were wearing condoms' ....

Now, we can give the Pope a pass here and there for his total lack judgement.. he was, after all, a member of the Nazi Youth... hell, do I have to say any more? Of course I will since the pope keeps on maintaining his wicked stupid persona. Lemme guess, the condoms are made by Jews, and that is the reason they are evil? I mean, that makes just about as much sense.

There is a global warming situation. Are the non condom wearing Africans to blame for that? I don't see why not. It is FK(((G hot down here on earth.. and it is a lot warmer near the equator, and Africa is near the equator... coincidence? I think not. Those African are just not F*((*ng right! Literally.

To end this statement, I think Pope John Paul II said it best 'Hey was that a firecracker?'


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