Wednesday, March 4, 2009

God, Kurt Warner, agree with Cardinals: 2 Years, 23 Million

Well, after the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 43, Kurt Warner was unsure if he was going to re-sign with the Cardinals. He had to pray about it.

Understandable. Kurt must've been totally confused. I mean, here was Kurt: a humble- but entirely wealthy- servant, who totally digs GOD, and now had to negotiate a new contract with his employers. Thankfully, God made time for Kurt Warner.

The busy day of God was obviously rendered incomplete without helping KW. KW just had to be tended to. Just how could KW go about the good work of the LORD without at least 17 million in guaranteed monies in his bank account? I mean, seriously, all the important followers of God are powerfully rich. Televangelist, Republicans, GW... It is with great admiration from God himself KW had no worries. In the end, God makes a pretty good agent.

God, seeing this as a time to further his message, must have told KW to stick to his demand of 2 years and 23 Million dollars; 17 million of which is guaranteed.

God was very insistant regarding the 17 million guaranteed. Because, the way God runs planet Earth, nothing is guaranteed. Kurt couldn't agree more. With all the poor and starving in the world, at least one person should have something guaranteed, and KW wanted to personally thank god for his services.

He just wished that God would have allowed him to win the Super Bowl.

(of course everyone but KW knows God is a Steeler fan)


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