Friday, February 20, 2009

Someone Threw out The Baby with the Economy

There used to be a saying. Went like this 'Government by the people, for the people, of the people' ... it has been a bit amended after eight years of GW to the following 'Government by the people, for the people, screw the people'


I just watched a TV show, and the show was a documentary type of show. They were talking with folks in Mississippi. White people in Ole Miss. It was pretty sickening.

They were asking about how they felt about Obama. To say that they were not happy is an understatement.

But what struck me as odd... they kept talking about how bad the nation was, and how Obama 'is taking us down' ... I am not sure just how much 'lower' our country could go after 8 years of GW.

But as sad as the country is at the moment... Just what did Barak do to add to it? Was it BO's policies? Was it BO who did nothing the past two years as the economy slid into the black hole? (White, clueless leader Asshole = Black hole economy).

It is true, in the past... our countries leaders have often tried different things to get our country out of different economic trial periods... FDR being the name that jumps out due to that period of the Great Depression... FDR tried all sorts of programs.. New Deal, all sorts of work programs. As I understand it, not all of them worked out so well... but the spirit of the deal was not to grow government, but something a lot less complex, but the simple, kind of important capitalistic act of employing people.

Partisan politics are for good times. Being left or right of an issue is also for good times. When millions of people in our country are out of work, it really becomes the governments responsibility to find a way out of the worst of times. FDR tried. All I ask is that Barak Obama try to fix something... I do not feel as though BO will heal the sick in one day with a big fat, magic, anti GW wand. Would be nice. Ain't gunna' happen. Perhaps everything BO will attempt will come crashing to the ground. We must, as the taxpayer, remember this... BO didn't make the mess.

Now, I don't know how BO will work out, but I am not condemning him out of the gate. I mean, for about 6 months, -after 911- I was willing to give GW a chance.. then the war with Iraq talk started brewing.. then all went to hell credibility wise with GW... Just think, we may never ever have France feel bad for us again. Thanks GW for pissing away all good will from the rest of the world and doing dumb stuff like invading a country that could not defend itself.

I am white. I am liberal. I am not the walrus. I play the walrus on T.V. However, my views count. I find it dumbfounding and a bit silly that right wing conservatives feel as though they 'own' patriotism, and they speak for everyone's tax dollars.

'Yes, are you my conservative patriotism overseer? YOU ARE? Well thank goodness I ran into you, I was planning on going to a Baseball game and wanted to sing the national anthem... well, I am presently completely out of patriotism.. and wanted to check some out for the weekend' bla bla regurgitate bla bla. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

I love the tiny little conservative right wing comments regarding the general taxpayer, 'Taxpayers are tired of -fill in the blank anti housing, anti education, anti equal opportunity-' It is as if, God/Jesus/Etc has a pulse on the taxpayer, and after getting a good feel for what is going on, then tells Mr. Conservative Politico what the deal is. No matter what Jesus might say to them at night time when they curl up with their favorite biblical dogfood they eat, the right wing does not speak for me when it comes to tax dollars. Jesus never paid my bills, and as soon as he does, he can guide me on where to put my monies... till then, he can show up at christmas and easter and tell us to spend money and reproduce like rabbits.. or whatever his message is.

You know how happy and excited the right wing tends to get when government says they are spending billions on a new aircraft carrier? Well, I get that way when the government says they are going to spend billions on health care, or education, or extend unemployment benefits for those looking for work, allocate daycare monies for low income working mom's... You get the idea - Government for the people.


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