Thursday, January 22, 2009

Peace In The Middle East

Have you ever met a couple of people whom really didn't like each other... in fact, they would say nasty things about each other, pass nasty notes, do and say things that just built a wall of negativity between them? I know I have.

Often, one would just wish the two could meet in the scrapyard and just have it out. One big monster slap down. Just air it out. Take off the gloves. See whom could be the last person standing.

I have known a couple of people whom actually had it out. They smacked the snot out of each other and afterwards, both were quite sore. Teeth loose, bruises and such. Funny thing happened after that fight, they didn't seem to hate each other so much. The high pressure that had built up between them had been deflated.

Not getting along is quite popular. And it sells. (Arms anyone?) However, there are good examples of post fighting friendships. Japan was bombed with atomic bombs, and is quite friendly with the USA. Russia and Germany are friends now... and at one time, they were not. A lot not.


In one battle with Japan, when we bombed Nagasaki ... it is estimated over 100k Japanese died.

When Russia invaded Berlin near the end of WWII, 600,000 Russians died attacking Berlin. One invasion, one town, LOTS dead.

Consider how many Americans died fighting the UK, Germans and Italians. We seem to be doing just fine now.

Why? Why would the USA, Germany, the UK, Russia and Italy seem to get along just fine (not to mention France and the UK's historical battles) after what can only be described as some of histories ugliest and deadliest battles? GOOD QUESTION DON'TCHA THINK?

I think I know.

In fact, I would say I definently know the reason as to why this is. Bloodshed. Lots of it.

Nothing will make a nation beg for PEACE more than serious bloodshed.

Have you ever been to Arlington National Cemetary in Virginia? How about the Madingley Cemetary in the UK? You will see a sea of crosses and other symbolic symbols of dead as far as the eye can see. I wouldn't go so far as to say it is an amazing site, but it is a dreadful one for sure. Big death, brings big grief.

I was stationed in the UK for over 4 years, and I remember driving around the countryside in the early 90s and I would run into abandoned towns. Houses were there, but nobody lived in them. There would be a sign at the onset of the village, which basically said 'This town shut down in 19XX due to all the men in the town being killed in the battle of XX' THAT is death my friend. That is sacrifice. And perhaps foolish waste of human life, all at the same time.

What does this have to do with the middle east?

Good question.

When has the Israelites and the Arabs fought a battle where there was 600k deaths. One battle. When have these two races fought a battle and they had to shut down towns due to all the men being killed? I have a history degree, and I can't remember ever reading about the battles in the middle east being all that very bloody.

I suppose the taste of death, the glory of it all, is something that hangs in the visionary part of the mind in the middle east. The advesary is viewed as a PIG, or worse.. and nobody would ever dream of anything other than the total elimination of the other... except for the actual work involved to do it. A lot of talk. A lot of missle fired here and a suicide bomber there, but no real concentrated effort.

Perhaps it might take a real battle. A real bloody monster dead battle, where these to races can get it out of their systems. Perhaps then death will have some meaning. When they have cemetaries as big as ours in Arlington and the UK's Madingley, then perhaps someone will put down the sword.

But, that will only happen when the pain is real, the taste of missing sons becomes real. Not just a scream about how they 'hate so and so' or 'death to what's his face' .. empty rhetoric.

Either fight, or find a way to live peacefully.


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