Monday, December 29, 2008

Spider Man Short Story Collection

Batman, Spiderman and Captain American met in Batman Turkey

Batman loved Batman because of the cities name of Batman.

Captain American loved Batman, and Captain American and Batman had both lived in Batman ever since Batman and Captain American's parents moved to Batman.

Batman's Mother was Captain American's Father. Batman's mother changed from a man to a woman, then had Captain American. Ever since Batman's Mother and Captain American's Mother and Father who were both a man and a woman moved to Batman with Batman and Captain American, both were in love with Batman.

Spiderman, Batman and Captain American's Mother and Father (whom was the same man and woman) and Batman and Captain American ate turkey in Batman Turkey with a certain relish that other people would just pan.

Spiderman and the Manhole

Spiderman stood on the manhole. Spiderman lifted the manhole cover to look inside the manhole.

When Spiderman lifted the manhole lid and looked inside the manhole, Spiderman discovered the whole manhole was covered in manhole covers.

Spiderman could not believe his spider eyes. But, his spider eyes did not lie, and in fact, the whole manhole was filled completely with manhole covers.

Spiderman put the manhole cover back ontop of the manhole that was full of manhole covers.

Spiderman's Trapped Hatchback Eggs

Spiderman had eight legs of chicken for breakfast.

Spiderman decided to put his spider eggs inside his Honda Hatchback.

Spiderman filled his hatchback Spider eggs.

Spiderman accidently locked his keys inside the hatchback, which was filled from the front to the back with his Spider eggs.

Spiderman wanted his Honda Hatchback keys back from inside the hatchback.

Spiderman could be heard singing 'Get Back' outside of his locked Honda Hatchback full of his egg sacs.

Get Back Spiderman, Get Back.


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