Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obama's Gridlocks

From the title one might think that BO has grown a fairly popular hair style. A lot of football players now how have the Dredded' matted hair look these days... chunking out from under the helmets. The Dreds' have the appearance of unwashed hair... unwashed as in, several weeks of unwashed. That is just the appearance... It may be very clean, it just looks like a matted mess. However, it seems to be just a 'NFL player' version of the look, I have seen plenty of dreds' that don't look like that.. in fact, some of the carefully crafted Dreds are really nice. But the FAT HEADS in the NFL really need to find a Jamacian to help thier hairstyles... 'Hey was that a bird that flew out of that defensive linemans HAIR?'

Simple, stinky word play for the title, that is all.

Back on topic however, gridlock. Washington has been full of it. For years. About 200 years really.

This government we live in, was, by design.

Our government has been divided up into three chunks as we know it. To keep one person from really running our government from his, or her, own philosophy... or religion. YIKES.

Obama is, at the moment a very popular fella. Won by 8 million votes. No flipping a Flordia coin in this election. BO really, when the electorial votes were counted, made McCan't into McMeat. With a retarded side of Palin. Palin with Cheese... (what is really funny, Palin has somehow views this election as a mandate for her to run for president in the future.... 'HEY IT IS QUAYLE SEASON IN A COUPLE OF YEARS!')

Back to BO. A lot of people are hoping that BO can get into office and just pass a lot of governmental programs, put a lot of people to work, and all will be fine. That is the hope. 'Yes we can, get some employment' ... and that is, on the surface, not a bad idea. AND I am for it. I am only worried about one little thing... I hope there is a bit of gridlock. Nothing major. Not Boston traffic gridlock, but perhaps I-1o mid San Antonio gridlock.


For no other reason, division. Division is good. Democracy is built on division. No leader can really speak for the whole country. It is impossible. This country is too big. Too regionalized. BO is from Chicago. Nice place. And I love the hot dogs of that style. Garden on a dog. YUMMY SHIT. However, BO's whole experience is from there. He has had some time in the senate, but he was a senator representing Chicago area people. NOTHING wrong with people from Chicago, but, the problem with them is simple.. they are from Chicago, and the rest of us are not.

Often, leaders get into office and they misunderstand certain really obvious things. Just because you win, and you are from, say, TEXAS... doesn't mean the whole country wants you to run the USA as if it were Texas. (GW). The whole country DOES not wish to be run like Texas, or, perhaps, the whole country would LIVE in Texas. We don't. And, we won't. For good reason. Folks in the Northeast are more liberal, on the whole, than people in Texas. AND, that is good. I am liberal, and in Texas, but it is okay. I also pack heat, and will and believe in home protection rounds... so we could say, this is just one of the issues I don't agree with Liberals... which one could argue is quite liberal of me. HA. 'Dance Rabbit'.

But BO, no matter how wonderful he is, and I think he is quite wonderful (and voted for him)... must put people around him that can help him understand different parts of this country that want to help him out, but don't want to be lost in his mental shuffle.

GW had some very bad habits. GW would, often, blab on about Jesus. 'Jesus is the most important influence in my life', 'Bla bla Jesus this, or Bla Bla Jesus that' .... and that is wonderful stuff, if you were from Texas or Oklahoma or whatever red state that just watches Pat Robertson or whatever nutbag religious man on TV, or red the bible whenever. But, there were a lot of Americans that were left scratching thier heads, wondering just what the fuck Bush was going on about. Ronald Reagan was a conservative for sure, and from what I understand, a really religious man (I don't really believe that, but for the sake of conservative argument, I am going to say that he was a Jesus man).. but you rarely heard him talk about Jesus. In fact, RR, was sort of talked about in the press for not going to church, and RR passed it off as 'I don't want to disrupt the Service' ... I am with him on that. That is the reason I don't go. But, RR, as conservative as he was, at least on this point, didn't alienate the middle - left on this issue. And RR had a LOT of what was called 'Reagan Democrats' that backed him... in both of his elections.


RR had a lot of it. Faced a lot of it. House Speaker Tip O'Neal, from Mass, went LOGGERHEAD with RR. But, they often, NO JOKE, went out for beer after sessions. Don't believe me, look it up. TO and RR didn't hate each other. TO and RR were doing it for a reason. TO was letting RR know that there were other perspectives... RR was from Cali, TO was from Mass. There was a whole country between them. RR had to see that and TO was just a beer drinking reminder from the left. GOOD STUFF.

I hope that a lot of actions get passed from BO. I just hope CONSTRUCTIVE gridlock is there. The kind of gridlock that comes in the form of ideas, not bullshit. 'Hey, I object to what you are doing. Have you considered this?...'

And from what I have heard from BO, he recently said 'I don't have all the answers and am looking for input from both sides.' Nice.

Gridlock used like salt and pepper is not a bad thing. And I hope the Democrats don't get the 60 in the senate, just for this reason.


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