Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Groups. This means U.

It has often been said that groups are what makes humans, and other pack like animals happy. When we gather together, often in similar outlook or color / creed - even for the wackier types RELIGION, we seem to find purpose.

That may very well be true.

It may also not be a virtue. Vice anyone?

Groups can be creepy. Anyone hugged a baptist lately? How about a PTA member? Ever hugged a Republican? I mean a good long lasting, sexual harassment type of lingering hug? The better question might be 'Do Republicans really hug anything other than a fetus?' Groups.

Just for fun, try to hug an NRA member. A big fat massive hug. In fact, TREEHUG someone who belongs to the NRA. Groups.

Hugging has nothing to do with this article really, but I digress.

Groups are everywhere. There is a group for everything. I bet there is a group for a certain base of the population that doesn't have a group. Lobbyist beware.

I know because I belong to the 'Delayed Backache' Group. JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? I have never had a delayed backache, because all mine have been perfectly on time. Personally, I love delayed backaches.. using the word DELAYED properly, if you HAVE a delayed backache, you should feel NO pain, since the back ache ISN'T there yet. Groups.

I am digress mining. It is an olympic sport ya know. I took the lead medal.. which is the official medal of China. Groups.

Everything on earth is grouped. EVERTHING. I am grouped into several categories. Earthling, North American, Tropic Of Cancer resider, Texan, San Antonian, White Person -sorta- Politically independant -oxymoron there fer ya...

The list can go on... and there is most likely a group out there that can represent me somewhere, for a small fee.. classes forming now... please help us in our fight to keep sorta white people, sorta white forever. Pledge. Till it hurts. We have blonde sorta white women manning the phones....

I think Groucho Marx said it best ' I would never join a group that would accept me as a member'


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