Monday, July 21, 2008

Spammed, Panned and other beliefs

Some folks believe that if you reply to a certain email, you can increase the size of your unit. Or units.

Some people think that if you don't reply to certain emails, your unit, or units, just might fall off... and, to furthermore complicate the issue, they require you to send the potentially offending email to others, so they too can comply or have unit(s) fall off. GROOVY. 'Lets throw a unit on the BARBY'

Some folks think the earth is still flat. In fact, u can even join a society of flat earth folks. I think my theory just fell of the edge of my brain.

Some people believe that there is a being in the sky that keeps track of everything that you do, and keeps track of all the good things and bad things you do. And eventually, there will be a Judgment Day. 'YOU R CHARGED WITH DOING STUFF, WITHOUT REMORSE... WEEEE.

Still, others believe that if you die, you just come back to the planet, and start all over.. albeit in a higher or lower cast. 'Waiter, more dog please....'

Still, even others think there is an alien stuck inside of each one of us. And, not sure what the alien wants to do, but I feel as though if it is INSIDE me, it should at least be pitching in for the rent. (gas money perhaps)

Others, just toss all of these beliefs aside and are hoping for aliens to find our planet and sort of ... just be friendly, not eat us, and... well I am not sure what THEY think the aliens will do when they get here. Most feel it will be in a big space ship. Considering how far they would have traveled to visit, you can be assured the spaceship was not made anywhere near Detroit.

Some people worship various different gods, some money, others just favor a good song in the stereo, mp3 player or DEVICE that poots forth music.

None of it really sounds all that important to me. Music perhaps being the least harmful therefore the most viable.

All this does raise a point. Although a small one, and a bit of a ramble to get there...

In a time, a bit earlier than the present.. a sect of individuals worshiped PAN. You know, the flute playing, half goat, half man type. And at the height of this pan worship, you could almost bet there were some people in the general panworship community that thought the whole thing was BUNK.

'These people CAN'T be serious... I mean a flute playing half goat half man... give me a break. Let me guess, he can walk on water, change water into wine and come back from the dead, pulls rabbits out of hats... STOOPID STORIES'

THERE are always people in every crowd that come to the conclusion 'THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH FERTILIZER ON THE LAWN OF LIFE'

I tend to agree. However, looking at the god PAN, and all the stuff that is said about him.. I think he sounds as good of a god as any to start worshiping. Consider what Wikipedia says about PAN '...
Pan was later known for his music,
capable of arousing inspiration, sexuality, or
panic, depending on his intentions.

Wow, a god that brings his own music. And from the looks of things, can start a riot if he wants too. GIVE THE PAN A MICROPHONE! MC PAN. I love him already. Lets start a pan club, classes are forming now.


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