Monday, July 21, 2008

Flat Earth Society and Other Cultural Nuggets

I had mentioned in an earlier post there was a sect of individuals on this planet of ours that believed the rock we called EARTH is indeed flat. Not round. Yup flat.

If you were to go to any search engine and type FLAT EARTH SOCIETY, you will bring up a lot of stuff that is very enjoyable to read.

I read that material and found it very funny. VERY FUNNY.

I mean, how can anyone believe that stuff... right?

Just think, over the past 30 plus years, we have had people on the moon.. we have had pictures from the Hubble space telescope.. just loads of evidence. Tangible evidence speaking to the fact of a round earth. Round. Round as late eighties Oprah. (and just as filling)

How can anyone believe in something that has no basis in fact?

Round earth.

Well, I guess you could say it happens all the time. In fact, Western culture sorta encourages odd belief behavior. Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, boogie man, the 'elves' that sorta do all the slave labor work for Santa. HOW ABOUT 'If you step on a crack you break your mothers back' Hay for horses you say?


But eventually the hay does pass through the horse, and then you have something even more tangible than before - and don't step in the evidence.

How about god?

We make fun of the flat earth society people... but really, they believe their beliefs and I suppose their tax free organization is just as good as the Mormons right? or perhaps the Southern Baptist.. assuming FES has actually taken the time to fill out the proper paperwork with the IRS, which I suppose any organization with any silly beliefs would do right after the first heavy revelation from on high, or low.. or flat for that matter.

Nobody has any photos of god.

AND, furthermore, everytime someone hears from god, and it applies to you, god never seems to come to you with the message.. he always picks out some goofy looking dude whom looks like a used car salesman (or someone whom looks like they could very well sell a book on Oprah). Yes, and the used car salesman type, has an urgent message to give to you from gawd herself. Just fill out this survey, send in the proper amount of money, and for a limited time... BUT SEND THE MONEY NOW, FILL IN THE BLANK MESSIAH IS COMING SOON... and apparently he/she/it is mad about something. In general.

God never announces everything for everyone to hear. No OPEN MIKE NIGHT for god. Never seems to be in a good mood for any length of time. Something always makes god mad. Something always ruins his plans... Damn Woman ate of the fruit. Damn Sodom men keep fucking each other in the ass. Damn shephards keep fucking the sheep. The Egyptians keep fucking up our lives, and eventually, THIS SON OF GOD GUY IS A PAIN IN THE ASS - Guards NAIL HIM.

Poor God.

I guess since nobody can pin him down to any one perscpective, could god just be an illusion of 'fillintheblank'culture that one might live in?

What would happen if you were born in India (and if you are reading from India - and I know you aren't) pretend you were born in America -what are you doing in my store...- what are the chances of someone in India giving a shit about Jesus? And what are the chances of someone in america giving a shoot about reincarnation?

Is this anyway to run a revelation to mankind?

Lets suppose that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.

Why the fuck would you send Jesus to a nomadic tribe in the middle of shithole palestine 2,000 years ago to GET THE WORD OUT?

I mean, wouldn't it make a bit more sense to let the sins of mankind pile up a while and wait for the internet age? I mean, Jesus died for my sins and right before he died, he blogged it to CBS' might be a really neat way to get the word out.

Of course, if we were born at the North Pole, none of this would matter, we would all be elves and working in a sweat shop for Santa.

Fat Bastard.


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