Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin and Me

When I was stationed, in the USAF, in the UK, way back in 1993.. I was going to fly out to a new station... to proudly serve somewhere else... I was bored the night before the flight so I rented a video from the base video store (RAF Bentwaters) it was the George Carlin's dynamic video 'JAMMIN IN NYC'.

I seriously laughed hard. And considering I was going to fly the next day, the 'Airport Sketch' routine was just about as fitting as ... well one would like something to be before they flew.

Jammin in NYC started a love affair with Carlin and his comedy. Carlin suited me really well, considering my love of the english language and language in general. He twisted words around, played with them in humerous, and sometimes blasphemous ways... I totally dug and dig the man. I have never went too far into any calendar month without listening to one of his 14 recordings I have stashed away somewhere within the creepy confines of my iPod. Carlin does the mind the good the way milk does the body... in fact, Got Carlin?

O, and Tiger Woods - go fuck yourself.


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